Sunday, June 28, 2009

Create a Continuum of Positive/Forward Motion in Your eMail Marketing!

Our ability to design your plan, carefully structured with an emphasis on a Tight Economy & shifting marketplace is clearly KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS!

http://ArtfulMind.biz is in the business of creating dynamic reach to your clients in new and highly effective ways. We provide brand enhancing services including top-notch design, clean/standards-compliant, search engine friendly code, search engine interactive marketing, and contemporary|relevant graphic imagery. We are a company with market expertise, high-level experience leveraging new digital trends, and proven methodology to "blow up" your brand and undeniable results in delivering positive|progressive impact for your business.

With an understanding of how to leverage new media and advertising, we possess the know how to effectively pair traditional marketing and advertising with interactive solutions to help business challenges. Specializing in interactive web application, html|hyperlink programming, content management, process engineering, database design, and brand/corporate identity. We are here to take your brand to the next level of success in ALL of your business and marketing/advertising campaigns.

Implementation from plan to digital|traditional distribution, front-to-back representation in market analysis, corporate|internal compliance, design execution, methodology implementation, price point|contract negotiation, strategic sourcing of goods & services, and broad scale process visibility... with the management tools to sustain the system.

• Free consultations
• Award-winning service
• Satisfaction Guaranteed
• Best-in-Class Business Acumen

ArtfulMind.biz was born as a result of sheer need. Starting with Six Sigma analysis and key recognition of functional design, process improvement, project management, and strategic sourcing & procurement opportunities rampant in the creative|business marketplace, we have honed in on great end results.

We Implement...

• Plan-to-Distribution Methodology -- ad hoc/process
• Market Analysis & Conclusions
• Compliance – Corporate/Internal
• Digital Design Plan & Execution
• Negotiation of Price Point/Contract/Supply Chain
• Strategic Sourcing - Goods & Services
• Project Management – front-to-back
• Visibility – Process/Spend
* Implementation – Method/Process Improvement

Note: We create Plan|Process|Results...that work!

Front-to-Back Creative Representation...

We will design a Focused niche in your business marketplace via market & internal/external process analyses, corporate identity/brand design, best spend allocation, direct-to-market protocol. Whether e-blast or via well-executed direct mail approach, all decisions are determined & implemented after thorough process of Analysis & Conclusion.

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