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Creative Advertising, Design, Printing, Branding, SEO, Link-Building & Marketing Services


I Produce Printing | Social Media | Branding | Creative Design | Business Process Improvement | Marketing | SEO/Link-Building | Advertising for Business | Realtors in Santa Monica | Los Angeles | S CA.

UNDISPUTED DOMINATION of 1st Page Google ORGANIC Search Results! Call me if you are looking for the same type of winning success for your business.

After all, the importance of innovative SOCIAL MEDIA (SM) and worthwhile content, is in it's opportunity for creating VAST PRESENCE throughout the WEB. This leading to DOMINANT VISIBILITY followed by INCREASED REVENUE.

Where we are all striving to get: DOMINANT 1st page links/ranking in Google organic searches using your keywords.
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Amgen, Avery Dennison, and Chevron provided the opportunity to develop and implement a robust project/people/inventory-tracking method, delivering clear visibility throughout the creative/production process of 150 to 180 concurrent projects with multi-level accountabilities and oversight accessibility by cross-divisional stakeholder/project managers/c-level constituents; manage the implementation of an intranet solution for stationery procurement through PeopleSoft and Ariba Spend Management System; create an efficiency model for "global market trends" data with hyperlinks, providing a 3-year perspective via quarterly updates in historical, current, and forecast data and a price-tracking data model, providing formulaic pricing trends, historical, and current insight over all suppliers within the CC&IG category.

The ArtfulMind.Biz business model focuses on:

~ innovative and creative solutions
~ print and online project management
~ clean and efficient design
~ effective and measurable results
~ strategic sourcing and procurement
~ qualitative production
~ quantitative spend reduction

The result:

~ your branding/corporate identity looks better
~ your SEO/Link-Building is effective & works beyond belief
~ your HTML works better
~ our social media networks look and functions better
~ your post cards look better
~ your business cards look better
~ your fliers look better

Better is good and Effective is the end result. I Guarantee That!

Technology is changing at the speed of novel thought, we the people, remain flexible to change and open to the continuum of the proverbial building of a better mouse trap.

I resolve to provide great resource for printing | branding | social media | creative design | business process improvement | marketing | SEO/link-building | advertising for business | realtors in Santa Monica | Los Angeles | S CA.

Thank you.

Vincent Medina
Managing Director

  ArtfulMindBiz Vincent Medina
of ArtfulMindBiz
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