Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Is Valuable Content So Important?

It’s long been a saying on the Internet that “content is king”. But why is content so important?

Providing valuable content keeps people coming back, increases trust in you attracts links to your site. Keeping people coming back is good but the real benefits are increasing trust and attracting links. and


Increasing trust

It’s very important on the Internet to gain people’s trust. Providing valuable content shows people that you know what you are talking about.
It’s easy to have a Web site selling a product or service. When you add valuable content about that product or service it shows that you have a deeper commitment and separates you from the people that just sell boxes. This helps you to make a personal connection with your customers and become someone they want to do business with.


Attracting links

Attracting links to your site should provide you with more visitors, so more people to sell your services or products too. Not only that, but if you get links from important sites it can boost your search engine ranking.
With the rise of Twitter, Facebook and other social media, it is becoming easier to share links to great content. If you provide great content and make it easy to share with links via social media sites, you can get your article to millions of Internet users. Next time they are looking to buy your product or service, chances are they will remember your article and come to you first.

Google uses links to your site as a voting system when deciding on the order of search engine results. It’s not quite as simple as just getting lots of links to your Web site, Google uses a system called PageRank and this is what actually matters. When a site links to you it passes on part of it’s PageRank to your site. So the idea is to attract links from sites with a higher PageRank than your own. The best way to get links from these high ranking sites is by having high quality content.


What is valuable content?

So now we know why it’s important, what kind of valuable content can you provide?

The most valuable content is probably non-commercial articles related to the product or services you are selling. For example if you sell window blinds, you could write an article about how to clean window blinds. This will not directly help you to make sales, but provides something useful to existing and potential customers.


Here are some other ideas for valuable content you could provide:

  • Top Ten lists
  • Best of… (e.g. blogs, articles, downloads)
  • Checklists
  • How to…
  • History of…
  • Interesting statistics
  • Quick tips

Source: SEM Wisdom

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