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Top Google Search (SEO) to Spread the Word About YOURSELF + Where We NEED to Be!



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Top Google Search (SEO) to Spread the Word About YOURSELF
Maybe you haven't noticed, or maybe you've been too busy playing games on Facebook to notice, but everything is now online. And everything means everything.

Videos of puppies trying to climb stairs, vintage lace doilies you can buy with the push of a button and utterly biased news sources as far as the eye can see.
It's time you go viral too. If everyone is turning to the Internet for everything, you can be sure that friends, family and potential employers will be searching for a little information about you.

And what will come up? In most cases, just about nothing.

That's where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes into play.
You might have an Internet presence but no one is going to know it if you pop up on page 22 of a Google search.
You need to take some time and follow a few simple steps to make it to the top.

The first step? Build a website + Build Internet PRESENCE.

"Make sure that it is as complete and full of information as possible," says Tony DeRoia, managing partner of Think Basis Inc. in Manhattan Beach, Calif.
"Search engines still love good meaty content so the more info you can provide, the more likely they will rank it higher."

Full, meaty information means giving people a way to get in touch with you as well.

"On your site, make sure you have a contact page that clearly displays your name and all your contact information,"
says Griffin Davis, vice president of Marketing for Market Hardware, Inc. in Bethesda, Md.

But before the page goes live, you need to go through it, with a fine-toothed comb, and MAKE SURE you're using keywords.

"Before you can increase page rankings, you need to learn the language of how people search,"
says John Havens, author of "Tactical Transparency: How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media To Maximize Value and Build Their Brand."

This means that you should build a list of relevant keywords, use them to create a master keyword list and insert them into all content.

"Content involves anything that can be accessed by Google or other search engines," says Havens.

Once your site is up and running, spread the word through links.

"The web is all about links," says Davis, "and the more of them from other sites to your site, the better off you'll be."

Simply take the time to get in touch with people and tell them about your site.

"If you create a blog post and talk about someone, e-mail them to let them know you mentioned them in your post," says Havens. "Ask them if they'd be kind enough to link to you."

And when you've run out of folks to talk to, spread your site around the web. DeRoia suggests putting a link to your site in your e-mail signature, personal blog, business websites or anywhere else you can steal a link.

"The more links pointing to your site, the better it can potentially rank," says DeRoia.

You might not be in the top slot of Google overnight but, following these steps, you'll be far from where you started.

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