Friday, October 14, 2011

The Four Bs... including "SEARCH... is still the killer app!"

Google Search Expert

Technology is changing at the speed of novel thought... we the people remain flexible to change and open to the continuum of the proverbial building of a better mouse trap.

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Route to 2015

Real-time will rule:
DOMINATING social search rank, pricing, optimization

The demand for real-time information and capabilities will continue and increase,
as will the desire for improved advertising efficiency. Old, non-optimizable formats will go by the wayside. Display will boom, as real-time bidding becomes possible, making every campaign mutable-by-the-moment, enabling ad buyers to tailor bids and ads, impression by impression, across a wide range of ad space. Half the ads targeted to particular audiences will use real-time bidding.

“We will move from just recording data to modifying the system in real time: continuous improvement.

Digital Tipsheet: The Four Bs

SEARCH... is still the killer app!
It’s more location-based (knows where you are), personalized (offers to you), visual (Google Goggles) and real-time (price, availability, news) than ever. Roy’s Restaurants introduced hyperlocal ads, delivering clickable, down-to-the-block level information about a business at the right place and at the right moment – and got an 800 percent ROI on their advertising investment.

You could be dull in another era, NOT this one.
For creativity, look at American Express mastering the art of the live stream – a newly potent medium. Their live-streamed concerts, ‘Unstaged: An Original Series from American Express,’ created an absorbing environment on the web and in the arena, engaging users with the music of Arcade Fire and John Legend – and with their brand.

Real-world, real-time relevance matters more than ever.
A Google client in the auto insurance business uses click-to-call so that when a potential customer searches their mobile phone for car insurance, the company shows them an ad that can immediately connect the customer to its call center and begin the application process on the spot. The consumer, right there on the lot, could get their insurance before they drive away.

Ford's identified five key buying actions based on closely measured online behavior.
If someone configures a car online, Ford now knows they are more likely to buy one. The car company uses this information to target digital advertising, generating high-value leads and test-drive registrations for its dealers. Unlike traditional local media, Ford can measure the exact return on this investment. Accountability pays.

source: ThinkWithGoogle

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